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Wall Mounted Desk


Wall mounted desks have become extremely popular in recent years for the home, shop and office because they are space savers, functional, and often cost less than traditional desks.

There are a variety of wall mounted desk options, ranging from a wood finish foldup desk to a heavy duty wall mounted desk for the garage or shop.

We’ve highlighted a few wall desk options on this site, for your convenience.

Wall Mount Desks - Options

Wall mounted desks make great temporary surfaces for writing in tight locations or in locations where there is no space and you really need a desk in that place. These are often very stylish and great additions to your house.

The wall mounted desk, also often called a wall hung desk or wall mount desk, also serves as a functional addition that may be feasibly taken down when it is not required. Wall desks are very useful, as things that are kept there can be easily reached and do not require opening and closing of cupboards. They come to be very handy. 

There are different types of wall mounted desks. Indoors, the wall mounted desk can be used as computer tables, writing tables, to keep things on and many other things. There are wall desks where the main writing surface can easily be folded up, thereby freeing more living space when the desk is not in use.

wall mounted desks              wall desks               wall hung desk               wall mount desks

There are many materials that can be used for wall hung desks. For instance we can use different varieties of wood (cherry, oak, mahogany, etc), steel, aluminum and many more.


wall mounted desk       wall desk       wall hung desks        wall mounted desk


Wall mount desks are also desks that can be used as a telephone desk, a standing desk and many other activities. The telephone desk is the smallest of the wall mounted desk. The surface that it provides is barely enough for the phone to be fixed in that place.



The wall desk options are today being used as office tables as it becomes very convenient in saving space and also to put in a lot of things in that little space. In tiny spaces those desks that can be folded are the best as you can just shut them when you do not have any use for them, and hence the living space now becomes bigger and more usable.

 wall desks  wall mount desk 

How do you attach one of these wall desks onto your wall? This is often quite simple for most lightweight indoor wall desks. All wall desks have wall mounting brackets, and as long as you can find a stud to drill into, you should be able to affix the desk to you wall with as few as four screws. Of course, for the heavy duty shop or garage wall desks, you’ll need to undertake a more rigorous process.



As we’ve shown in the pictures on this site, there are a variety of wall mount desks for an inside the home desk, or a garage or shop desk. Surely you’ll be able to find the size and style that meets your needs. Happy shopping!

 wall desk  wall mounted desks

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